About the Machine

I can hear the ocean from the seat at my desk.  Its midnight, and black as pitch outside, but still the sea birds call. I can barely see the lights from the homes across the bay, but as the clouds open up and the thunder splits the skies above me, I feel a sense of oneness with the people that live there.

It has not been an easy road for me, getting to this point.  I have sat down countless times, fingers poised and ready to type, only to withdraw time and time again.  I have so to much to tell! Stories and experiences that waver before me, eager to be told.  I am ready to finally tell them.

It feels like I cannot type fast enough.  I want to burst with the thoughts crowding my head, each story jostles the other to compete for first pick.  I wish I could download directly from my thoughts, a direct line to the minds of all those who are reading this.  But it is so important that the stories come out just right, for each detail will lead to the next point of understanding.  I could easily rush through a journey, a thought, without a chance for pause.  I wont do that though, because this is my story and I want to tell it right. This is catalogue of occurrences that I need to share.

It has been two years in the making, this story. Incredible feelings, events, and unbelievable journeys have come into my life in these twenty-four months.  Change is nothing new, but growth – that is something we should all strive for.  When I first thought of writing this, it seemed like a daunting, unnerving and nearly impossible task.  But as each experience tumbles from my brain, I know that growth is happening right now, all over the world, and that maybe by reading my experiences, someone will plant their own seed of growth to nurture.


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