A New Thought


It wasn’t long before Monday-night Ancient Aliens became a tradition in my home. I watched every episode I could and the ones I missed I found online. It is not a stretch to say I became obsessed. I spent countless hours researching lost ancient civilizations. The more I saw and read, the more I wanted to explore on my own. It wasn’t enough to have 45 minutes of information a week, on a program which was no doubt censored and sanitized. I was beginning to need more and more to satisfy my growing desire for knowledge.

So I began to dig. Deep into the past I searched. Hours flew by as I hunted, and when he was finished his work day and arrived home, I excitedly shared my findings with my husband. Before long I convinced him too – and soon we were both caught up in the search for truth.

I can remember the early days when he and I began opening our minds to something we had never thought of before. What began as a simple curiosity, blossomed into an obsession. It wasn’t only that the subject matter intrigued me, but when I was learning about the archaic myths and suppressed information I felt that somehow I was right. I put in the time to search, but my husband and I learned together.

Ancient structures and civilizations that were never taught to us in school, were opened up to us as we investigated deeper. I found crucial circumstances in history that could literally have shaped our modern society today – yet no mention of these occurrences ever made it to the news or history lessons. We soaked up these new thoughts and ideals, and naturally opened our minds to the possibility of a whole new history of mankind. It was never a struggle for us to accept that we had been in the dark our whole lives and were only now seeing the light.

Looking back I can see the spark of curiosity growing into a burning flame that grew inside both of us. As our knowledge grew and we researched more we came to feel we were being lied to, and essential information was being suppressed from not only us, but all of society. I had spent hours putting my feelings and emotions into this research and was determined to prove it wasn’t all for nothing.